Are DAOs the New Orgs?

Unfold how DAOs are disrupting traditional corporates

A 3-day deep dive into the newest narrative of cryptoverse: DAOs. Are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations the only way to maintain the ethos of web3? What are the current benefits and challenges being faced by the DAO model of heirarchy?

Why should you choose this Bootcamp to learn about DAOs?

Live and Interactive Mentor-based learning

Learn LIVE from an Industry leader with first-hand experience of being a part of multiple DAOs.

De-jargonize DAOs like never before

The Bootcamp is well structured with a special focus on avoiding fluff words. This ensures a basic foundation in formed before diving deeper.

Take it from the top

Got no clue about this world? Starting from scratch? This is the place to be. Your background won't hamper your learning experience.

Hands on Demo of DAO

I get it. But how do I access the DAO? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you!

Learn Grow and Network from Community

Learn different perspectives by learning along with the community.

Exclusive Resource Pool

A dedicated resource pool with the finest assets to answer all your doubts.

Learn from the best in the industry

CA Aishwary Gupta

DeFi and DAO Operations Lead at Polygon Technology

Aishwarya is a digital asset researcher currently working with Polygon in their DeFi market. His prior engagements include SEBA Swiss AG, ZebPay, American Express & PwC.

Aishwary's Popular Appearances

Program Structure

Day 1

  • Introduction to the Course and the Instructor

  • Blockchain Basics

  • Concept of Blockchain governance and Distributed ownership

  • Principal agent dilemma

  • What is the meaning of DAO?

  • Why are DAOs needed?

  • DAOhaus and Daoism

  • DAO Launch

Day 2

  • How do DAO work? - DAO operations

  • DAO membership

  • DAO media network presence

  • DAO DeFi products

  • DAO merchant NFT

  • Security of DAO

  • Assignment: Quiz + Task

Day 3

  • DAO framework

  • DAO hierarchy and Ecosystem

  • DAO projects examples and demo

  • How-to use DAO?

  • Advantages of DAO

  • Applications of DAO and Use cases

  • Future of DAO and organisations

  • Opportunities, Careers, and future in DAO (Tech and Non-Tech)

Program Details

Course price: INR 5999

Early Bird Price: INR 1999/-

The cohort begins from April 22, 2022

3-day cohort | Time : 7PM IST onwards

70 Mins of Learning + 20 Mins of Q/A each day

This price avails you :

  • Live Interactive Sessions

  • Recorded Lectures

  • Learning Resources

  • Program Certification

Who's this program for?

This Bootcamp is for you if you fall in one of the categories:

  • If your early attempts to learn about DAOs were futile because of jargons.

  • You struggle to understand how decision making happens in DAO.

  • Willing to learn and work hard for a strong foundation.

  • Feel guilty that you might be too late to the game.

If you are an a Crypto Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Investor, a College Student or someone who is interested in learning and getting started with DAOs, then this bootcamp is just for you.

The only things you need are an internet connection and your phone or computer.

The rest is up to us 😊

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  • Utkarsh Shrivastava

    Student in Tech field

    Brilliant Resources

    I was already working on a blockchain project and was aware about many concepts still this bootcamp helped me alot in learning new concepts and clearing doubts, specially helped with resources part which is brilliant! Really helpful mentors! Specially Rinkesh! His calm and composed way of answering doubts and beautiful analogies made learning fun and interactive. Thank you guys looking forward for more programs to join ♥️

  • Joan Sebastian Navarrete Baque

    Student in Tech field

    Great Mentor

    Amazing materials and resources, great mentor with a simple way of teaching. A bootcamp that gives so much value for an affordable price.

  • Hritika Mayur Kucheriya

    Student in Tech field

    Clear & Concise Content

    I was struggling to keep up with the Blockchain world/community. Not only did you help out, but you went out of your way to collect the most difficult information that would have been most time consuming for myself. The work you presented to us was clear and concise and hugely beneficial to what we are doing. What you did is a great example of a true teaching skill. The way you outlined the competitive landscape gave everyone important context they’ll need to implement the upcoming web3 environment.

  • Prajakta Mukund Mhaskar

    Student in Non-Tech field

    Amazing Bootcamp

    The bootcamp was amazing and truly jargon free. The mentors are very welcoming and patient with all the doubts. The most important thing, they welcomed participants from non-technical field too. I couldn't have understood what a blockchain is in easier way, anywhere else other than this place.

  • Aman Kumar

    Job in Tech field

    Knowledgeable experience

    The experience of the Blockchain Bootcamp was really insightful, knowledgeable and above all, an interesting one. With this I really got to know the how's and why's of blockchain, with a really good understanding in relevant concepts. I really appreciate the hands-on session provided to us, and the things delivered to us was really helpful. I would really recommend it to the people who are looking to deep dive into blockchain and explore different aspects that blockchain has to offer.

  • Praveen Jayaraj

    Job in Tech field

    Understandable for anyone

    I took the course as a blockchain newbie who thought of blockchain and Bitcoin as synonymous. Now I understand that it is much more than that.
    Kudos to you guys for designing the course in such a way that it was understandable for anyone and not just for people from the tech field. The course was designed in such a way that I was not just blindly consuming the content that you provide, rather I was being an active learner.

  • Vijay Natarajan

    Job in Non-Tech field

    Create your own DApp

    The content and the resources covered were very much to the point and provided curiosity to learn more about blockchain. The jargon-free method of teaching was really good and we were able to understand the concepts hassle-free. The main highlight of the bootcamp was to made us to code in Solidity and create our own Decentralised Application (DApp) and deploying it in the blockchain network.

Start your DAO journey

Join the bootcamp and be a part of the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a technical knowledge for attending this Bootcamp?

No. As long as you are you're curious and willing to learn about DAOs and its future, you're welcome.

Will this be live or pre-recorded?

It’s going to be a completely live session.

Do I need to download any software or tools for this bootcamp?

Other than tools like Zoom and having basic internet connection, no other tools are required for this bootcamp.

What are the duration and timing for the Live Sessions?

The live sessions are scheduled on Zoom from 7.00 PM-8.40 PM IST from April 22, 2022 to April 24, 2022.

What if I miss a live session?

If you miss a live session, you will be provided access to the recording of the session. But we will encourage you to attend the live sessions as it will help you interact and learn rightly with the mentor.

Will I get a certificate at the end of the Bootcamp?

Yes, you will get a certificate at the end of Bootcamp completion.